How To Use 345 Essentials

345 Essentials Guide

Three minutes and forty-five seconds is the average time it takes to listen to a chapter of the Bible.

1. Read or listen to the 5 assigned chapters each week (find them here)

2.  Practice the Three Essentials of Discipleship (ask yourself):

    1. Getting Truth and Promises - Father, what truths or promises do you want me to see in this chapter today? John 8:322 Peter 1:4 
    2. Receiving Adjustments and Assignments - Holy Spirit, what adjustments or assignments do you have for my life today? Galatians 5:16John 16:14  
    3. Giving Support and Encouragement - Lord Jesus, what support and encouragement do I need to share with other followers of Christ? Romans 12:15 

3. Meet with your Impact Community and share what you have received


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